About Me

The Mindset is the key to every life success, the mind training is the way to get it. I’m simply amazed by the fact that, on the neurological level we are able to rewire our brains and constantly evolve. By doing that, an individual is able to consciously create his personal reality.

Why do Eastern societies not practice Meditation and Mindfulness? Simply because the current representation of these practices is not adjusted to our fast and busy lifestyle. Although, we need to implement them in our lives like never before. If you are involved in the business as I do, you need the practical approach. In this blog I do my best to make it as much understandable as possible, so you can start the practice instantly and make great changes in life.

My name is Kacper Gilarowski, the high performer in his 20’s based in Warsaw, Poland. On the professional basis, I’m basically involved in digital marketing. To make the long story short, I utilize the intense mind training to get the things done in my life both on the professional and personal path. Here, I’m sharing all that I have learned and applied from the art of metal practice along all the years of this lifelong obsession of mine.