I’m ENTJ and I can read people.

  Wrote while waiting for the cab, just a quick note which is the result of my recent inspiration 🙂

  I want to touch upon the topic that actually is overall, one of my favorites - reading people. For me as the mix of ENTJ(aka "Commander") and ENFJ(aka "Protagonist") I can say that it comes pretty often during any social interactions. My mind just naturally drifts to this topic! That is quite weird since ENTJ is known for the LACK of the ability to understand other person emotions etc. Luckily, the heavy influence of ENFJ plays a big role here. After all these years of cultivating my natural passion, I can state that reading people became a strong part of my mental abilities. It's not a big surprise since you can practice it almost anytime and anywhere. The problem is, you can be extremely wrong while reading people. Without some psychological principles of human behavior, your accuracy can be close to zero. 

  My beginnings were very similar, mindful behaviors reading was influenced by egoistic judgement of others. That can screw everything up. Such delusion does not bring any results. So the first step is to fight your ego. Without completing it, you are not moving forward! The topic of "ego" is important but huge, so let's just stop here for now.

  What I really want to signal here, is that you are not alone in exploring other people minds. Yes, fighting the "ego" is your personal struggle. When it comes to the theory of reading people, the internet provides a lot of materials. I like video content, that is why I will write down two great YT channels that are extremely helpful when it comes to the human emotions and behaviors reading. For sure, the topic does not end on some videos, right? Although, if you want to get started with reading others, check out these two badass channels:

Charisma on Command


Whaaat? Rsdfreetour? This is a pickup channel! Sure, part of it. But if you approach it in the more mindful way, you will gain a huge number of insights about human behavior in general. These guys know how to get inside someone's mind. Really recommended.

That's the end of my brief inspiration.

Stay humble,


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