Morning meditation is my real game changer.

I'm definitely the morning type of person.

But actually, does it matter if you begin your day at sunrise or after the city is fully awake? That itself does not have any meaning to me. Although, what really matters is how you consume the given time during the day. I love the quote from the New York bestseller "The Writing Life" by Annie Dillard which states "How We Spend Our Days Is How We Spend Our Lives". Pretty powerful for me. Anyway, let me tell You how I win every morning and continue winning through the whole day.

Mind training, in general, is my lifelong passion, no doubts. One of the post powerful "ways" to train your mind and the most appealing to me is the act of meditation. Nothing really fancy - I don't even know these various different styles and techniques of mediation which are cultivated around the globe. I simply follow the common rule to relax the body, then the mind. After I master these areas, the real, fully aware contemplation begins. For me, it is the following process:

  1. During the first stage, I become the conscious observer of the thought. I let every thought to slip through my mind. No judgment, just the mindful observation.
  2. During the second stage, I focus on the whole body. Monitor, feel, observe how my body behaves. That gives me the initial feel of focus.
  3. During the third stage, I pay deep attention to particular parts of my body. I use autosuggestion to relax different body parts. If you conduct it well, your awareness "abandons" the physical part of yourself and switches to the mind.
  4. During the fourth stage, I use visualization to relax the mind itself. Visualizing pleasing situations, pictures, locations will help for sure. This definitely works for me.
  5. The fifth stage is amazing. Your awareness is no longer disturbed by the body and the mind and you can fully concentrate on whatever you want. Here come the personal preferences. Some people plans and visual their daily plan. Other visualize in details what they want to accomplish on the goal list etc.

For me, it's just 20 min per day. This short but extremely intense mind training makes me mentally indestructible. No kidding, you will spot the significant difference in how you feel mentally, with or without morning meditation practice.

We cannot concentrate. We don't have the ability to focus on one thing for the extened period of time. Often we are reactive to emotions which influence our decision. Online and offline distraction can easily rule our life.

Get rid of these limitations.

Start Your day with just 10 minutes of mindful meditation. Recall what was written at the beginning: "How We Spend Our Days Is How We Spend Our Lives".

PS. This article is the result of my meditation morning routine. I wrote it total focus and spend less than 10 minutes to finish it.

Stay humble,


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