Why we get the Law of Attraction wrong?

Your brain is constantly evolving. Especially if you really pay attention to self-actualization.

For me, past 3 years were amazing. I do observe the great improvement in terms of overall personal development. New creative ideas, the better understanding of certain concepts and what is crucial, total self-awareness - that's a big deal. But as all the issues that are "evolving", you can extract certain stages, upsides, and downsides. The time when you were on the right track and time when you simply wasted your time, biased by the false concepts. Here, I want to describe my transformation, especially the initial stage of believing in Law of Attraction. But believing it in a total childish way. It's good to learn from your mistakes. It's better to learn from other people's mistakes." as Warren Buffett said.

Ego and Law of Attraction

To be honest it started with the book called " The Secret". Kind of silly beginning I might say. However, it gave a little inspiration to dig into the non-material world of emotions and thoughts. But let's start from the beginning. Book and the movie called " The Secret", in my opinion, is perfect in terms of persuasion and marketing. Why? Because its base on the very catchy concept: Law of Attraction. What it is basically saying is this: If your thoughts and emotions focus on the certain thing, no matter if it's good or bad, you will manifest it in your life. In other words: we attract what we think of.

Interesting and in the same time - dangerous concept. It's amazing because deep inside we all feel it's true. Think and act accordingly to the vision that you want to manifest in your life and it will become the reality - so true in my opinion! Although, it extremely easy to get this all wrong. You see, humans are influenced by EGO, lazy and pessimistic creature inside of us that screw everything's up. What EGO does with Law of Attraction? It interprets it all wrong. And this is what happened to me. For some time I neglected the word ACT and focus on the word THINK..... Ego's definition of described law is this: "Think accordingly to the vision of the future and it will happen.". The word ACT is missing.

Ego hates things like acting, doing, work, grind, effort etc. You see the pattern? The egoistic part of the mind wants you to stay perfectly safe, risk-free! Remember that growth and comfort never coexist. Thinking about million dollar company is easy, building million dollar company is hard. Deal with your ego or remain as a pure dreamer. That's the dark part of my transformation - for some time I avoided execution.

So how should I act back then and so should you now? Reinforce acting by thinking. Thinking process is important. It forms your desired future. If you take some time and visualize certain aspects of your future life and create a clear picture of it, then you can start the execution process. Acting without vision is the life of 90% of our population. Start with the question: Whom I want to become?" Then act. Do You want to speed up results? Rehearse your perfect vision very morning by repetitively visualizing it! You will reinforce efforts and strengthen the picture of your life in the subconscious mind.

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